About Us

AICG is a group of professionals who specialize in providing knowledge and expertise primary to organize and facilitate high yielding financial transactions.




We use best practices and industry standard policy and procedures.


We ensure full disclosure and communication to our clients.


We work diligently to provide best quality products.

Our Process

We have a streamline, 3-step system that allows us to connect the appropriate parties and complete deals quickly and efficiently.

Our Commitment

We serve an elite group within the Private Finance and Fuel Trading Industry.
Our clients include: Private Equity Firms, Hedge Funds, Refineries, Commercial Lenders, Private Investors, International Traders, Transportation Companies, and Fuel Retailers .

We are committed to ensuring their satisfaction and providing them with a level of convenience unlike any other.

Our Value

Our success begins with having the right relationships. We are connectors and our clients rely on us to deliver. With our vast experience, our ability to analyse deals to save our clients time and money is our strength.